Barbara Bartlett
Alchemy extends my original explorations using eucalyptus leaves as a medium to dye various papers and fabric. The outcome of the dying process is quite unpredictable and rather magical, engaging me to experience the rich possibilities of change.
Harmonic Honeycomb (detail)   Ritual Remains (detail)  
Galvanized Gardening

Harmonic Honeycomb (detail)
38 x 28
eucalyptus dyed paper, thread, beeswax

Dancing Gum-Leaves (detail)
Iron Bark Gum I
Stringybark Gum I   Marrawah Gum III  
Jarrah Gum I   Stringybark Gum II  
Blue Gum   Eucalyptus Eulogy  
Colibah Gum   Marrawah Gum V    


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